Covid exposure notification



Friends and family, 


We have become aware, as of today, that one person who helped at our Falloween event, and one person who attended our worship last Sunday Nov. 1st, both began to experience minor symptoms for Covid 19, and subsequently tested positive for it after their attendance. 

We felt it critically important to communicate this to you out of concern for your safety, and for your awareness. It is also important to tell you that we have been in communication with the public health department, and have been told that our guidelines and safety measures are acceptable. Despite that assurance, the Executive Ministry Team is  currently contemplating whether or not to go forward with on site worship this week. We will communicate our decision as soon as it is reached.

In the meantime, we want to reiterate that anyone who is at all showing symptoms, doesn't feel well, or has a compromised health condition, should stay home, whether it is from worship and/or any church event or function.  We are praying for the persons who are dealing with the virus, and the entire body of Christ! Thank-you for your grace and understanding!

Pastor Kevin and the Executive Ministry Team